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Born and raised in Istanbul, engineered in Germany.


AZURE, Microsoft 365 & SHAREPOINT

Certified MCSD App Builder, Architect, years of  SharePoint, Azure and Microsoft 365 (Office 365) on-hands experience. 


ASP.NET and ASP Core web application development to deliver the most efficient and compatible solutions.


Whether it is a console application, a complex service solution or a WPF application, the power of C# has always the key role.

Xamarin Mobile AppS

Want to dive into mobile world? We help you with design and development your native smartphone app using Xamarin Framework for iOS and Android platforms.

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R&D and Consulting

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Deep Learning


DEEP Reinforcement Learning

Complex tasks

Machine Learning

Complex tasks

Artificial Intelligence

General Information

About Me

TLTR; Born and raised in Istanbul, engineered in Germany. I’ve been working with computer systems and computer hardware since 1993. 

I got my first PC, when I was in the third grade in 1993, thanks to my parents and their futuristic perspective. 

I moved to Germany for my studies in Computer Engineering in 2004. I have been working for various corporations in the information and medical technologies.  

Not long ago I’ve decided to provide my services on my own after 8 years of corporate life, as a software engineer and solution architect mostly focused on Microsoft technologies. 

If you are interested working with me, please check the contact page or reach me out from LinkedIn as well as other social platforms.

You can download my CV by clicking the button below. 

The password for this file is my first name and last name, written as in my logo above, without spaces.